We are an organization of young people whose lives are closely-tied to the arts – we created this cultural organization in order to help Bulgarian children pursue careers in various form of art. We know how difficult it is for young people in Bulgaria to follow their artistic dreams and we seek to inspire these young artists and to give them an opportunity to develop their talents.  

Our Approach

Being familiar with the Swiss model of popularizing art across the younger generation we decided to translate this approach into a country, famous for its artistic talents, where the cultural life is fading.

The new grand piano at the school's concert hall.

Students at the Hristina Morfova school with their teacher Mrs Marincheva.

New grand piano for Hristina Morfova Music School

Thanks to the charity concerts in Switzerland and Bulgaria, donations from the Jacaranda Foundation Switzerland, from Lions Club - Stara Zagora, from Music House Kupfershmid St. Gallen, as well as sponsors who wished to remain anonymous, we were able to raise the necessary amount to purchase a new grand piano for Hristina Morfova Music School in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.


On 28 June 2019, the new Petrof grand piano was delivered directly from the Czech factory.


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