Charity Concert - Jacaranda Foundation

We are currently looking for children who are already taking singing lessons for a benefit concert. The concert will take place on November 13th at 7:30 p.m. in the Evang. Church in Küsnacht / Zurich. The concert is organized by the Jacaranda Foundation, which collects donations for projects in Africa, Cambodia, and Tibet. You can find out more information about the association at the following link:
In the last few years we have taken part in a number of benefit concerts. One of our projects, a new grand piano for the music school in Stara Zagora / Bulgaria, we managed to realize thanks to the generous donation of the Jacaranda Association.

For the next Jacaranda concert, we imagine that it is best when children can help other children. In this way, the gifted children have more fun singing along at this concert.

On this occasion, great artists will also take part, such as the Swiss pop singer Roberta Bagnolo, who will come from Milan especially for the concert. She was a former participant in the Swiss TV Talent Competition. In addition, participants will include tenor Davide Galassi, soprano Angela Kerisson, Mihaela Stefanova and young instrumentalists from the Zurich University of the Arts.

We are looking forward to the many prospective participants and a wonderful concert experience together!

With warm regards,
SBKultur Team


Second phase of the piano instruments renewal at Hristina Morfova Music School

In their professional development, young musicians need high quality training, which is provided by qualified teachers and a good technical base.

Unfortunately, the pianos available in the city's music school are outdated and of poor quality, some of them without a full set of keys, but the students are forced to play on them. Fourteen pianos need to be replaced in order for quality lessons to be held.


Our goal is to get new or lightly-used pianos from Switzerland and transport them to the music school in Stara Zagora, but the transportation of the instruments requires funds.

We are positive and believe that we will be able to help in the further development of the young musicians at Hristina Morfova Music School Stara Zagora.

We will be glad for your donation!

Thank you!


New grand piano for Hristina Morfova Music School

Thanks to the charity concerts in Switzerland and Bulgaria, donations from the Jacaranda Foundation Switzerland, from Lions Club - Stara Zagora, from Music House Kupfershmid St. Gallen, as well as sponsors who wished to remain anonymous, we were able to raise the necessary amount to purchase a new grand piano for the Hristina Morfova Music School in Stara Zagora.

On 28 June 2019 the new Petrof grand piano was delivered directly from the Czech factory.

  • We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who supported us in organizing the charity concert in Stara Zagora on 12 April 2019: to Stara Zagora Community Fund under the leadership of Katya Dyankova and Daniela Dimova; to the Stara Zagora State Opera with director Ognyan Draganov for the warm welcome and the opportunity for the concert to take place there; and to the director of the music school - Roseta Velichkova - and the entire teaching staff. We are thankful to all the participants in the concert and particularly to the special guests: pop singer Roberta Bagnolo (Switzerland), tenor Davide Galassi (Italy) and ST Dance (Stara Zagora). The concerts we organized in Switzerland were supported by ensemble L’estro Melodico with performers Angela Kerison-soprano, Nevena Robben- mezzo-soprano, Davide Galassi-tenor and Krasimir Stefanov-trombone, as well as Lisa Appenzeller-soprano, Diana-Maria Turco – violin, Barbanash Folguezi – clarinet. We would like to thank the graduates from the music schools in Plovdiv and Stara Zagora – Nadezda Gordjeva-piano, Petya Mihneva-piano, Sabina Angelova-piano and Mihaela Stefanova-piano. We would like to express our special thanks to the director of the Music School Appenzell Mitteland – Eva Crotochini. And deepest thanks to our close friends and family who contributed towards the realisation of this project.


The new grand piano at the school's concert hall.



On the 12th of April 2019, a charity concert took place at the State Opera Stara Zagora in Bulgaria -

"An Evening of Young Talents" with many surprises and guests from Switzerland.



Students at the Hristina Morfova school with some of their teachers.



On 22 February 2019 in Teufen, in the Lindensaal, from 19:00 o'clock the charity concert under the title "The Magic of the Opera" took place.

The ensemble L'estro Melodico (with Angela Kerison soprano, Nevena Rouben-mezzo-soprano, Davide Gallasi-tenor, Krassimir Stefanov-trombone, Mihaela Stefanova-piano) immersed the audience into the world of opera art.

All donations collected support the realization of our project - the purchase of a new grand piano for the music school in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.


Children's folklore group "Kurtovche"

Our first project was launched in December 2018.

The children from the children's folklore group "Kurtovche", headed by Radka Stefanova and music accompanist Ivan Stefanov, performed charity Christmas concerts in the orphanage in the town of Bratsigovo, in the elderly home in the village of Glavinitsa and in the old people's home in the town of Pazardzhik.

With their wonderful performances the Kurtovche children have brought a lot of joy and excitement to both young and old!


For the wonderful programme and preparation we cordially thank the head of the ensemble, Radka Stefanova, as well as the directors and the staff of the homes for the warm reception.


Our initiative for the performance of the talented children from the vocal group was succeeded thanks to our sponsors from Switzerland who prefer to remain anonymous.

For the great support and trust - 

Thank you very much!

Kurtovche - Concert 1.jpeg
Kurtovche - Concert 2.jpeg




Through arranging supply of musical instruments and other resources used in artistic activities – others include accessories, materials and tools for fine arts, sound systems, stages, etc.



Through organization of cultural events such as musical concerts, competitions, gallery exhibitions, private musical performances, etc.



Through organizing master-classes, seminars, workshops, tutorials and lectures at different levels of experience (pupils to young adults at universities/art academies)



Through organizing interviews and media appearances for talented young individuals with the aim of popularizing their effort across the wider audience of young people